Fizzy Orange Cream Soda Recipe (Tastes Like a Creamsicle!)

Fizzy Orange Cream Soda Recipe- tastes like a creamsicle!

A Healthy Homemade Soda That You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

There are two steps to making this homemade soda recipe. You’ll first need to make a homemade orange syrup to use in order to give your soda it’s flavor, followed by actually making the soda.

To make the syrup, simply combine ½ cup of orange juice with water, honey, and the zest from a single orange in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over a medium heat, leaving the mixture to cook for approximately five minutes.

orange cream soda

orange cream soda

You can then remove it from the heat. Allow the syrup to cool completely before transferring it into a bottle to refrigerate until you’re ready for use.

orange cream soda

When you’re ready to actually make your soda, grab a glass and add in two tablespoons of your orange syrup. Mix in an equal amount of coconut milk, top it off with a bit of chilled carbonated water, and enjoy!

This Orange Syrup is Sooo Yummy! Is There Anything Else I Can Do With It?

I’m sure that as soon as you take your first sip of this drink, you’ll be in complete agreement that the homemade orange syrup is perhaps the real star of the show in this recipe.

orange cream soda

With that in mind, I actually get questions all the time from friends who try this paleo soda if there are any other uses for the syrup. As I’m sure you can guess by now, there are quite a few but here are some of my favorites:

  • Use it as a tasty topping for your paleo friendly pancakes and waffles
  • You can slot it in for any paleo baking recipes that call for syrup to infuse your baked goods with a taste of orange
  • Mix it in with your favorite spirits for some truly tasty cocktail combinations

orange cream soda

3 Reasons Why I Love Using Coconut Milk in Recipes

Chances are that if you have been on the paleo diet for a fair amount of time, then you’re already well aware of how incredibly handy coconut milk is. It’s definitely a staple of my paleo cooking and baking because of these reasons:

  1. Coconut milk is a great source of saturated fats in the form of medium chain triglycerides (MCT). The research shows that this type of fatty acid has been found to enhance exercise endurance. (1) MCT fats are also good for helping individuals with weight management thanks to the benefits they provide when it comes to helping the body enter ketosis.
  2. Thanks to the fact that coconut milk is so high in fat, it also makes for a thicker mixture than dairy milk, which is incredibly handy when trying to come up with viable ingredient alternatives to keep things paleo friendly when making recipes.
  3. Coconut milk just plain tastes great! I love how it adds a delicious hint of coconut flavor to all of the recipes that I add it to.

orange cream soda

Top 3 Alternatives for Carbonated Water

You can certainly make this soda recipe using other options besides carbonated water. While you obviously can’t use regular water because you do need your soda to have that fizz. The following options will work just as well as carbonated water:

  • Seltzer
  • Club soda
  • Sparkling mineral water

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Fizzy Orange Cream Soda Recipe (Tastes Like a Creamsicle!)
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