Meal Delivery in Boise

We make meal plans for the resilient.

For the people that refuse to settle and those who never give up.... our meal plans are packed with flavor and nutrients to take your health journey over the top. It's the right choice for you ~ regardless of age, dietary restrictions, or mobility. We bring the meals to you, so you can bring the heat to anything that's holding you back.

Our Meal Plans

We have four different meal plans available. Start small with a 5 day plan, or, get our best pricing with a 30 day plan! 



5 Day Plan
Prepared fresh 2x per week
One weekly payment
Local delivery



7 Day Plan
Prepared fresh 2x per week
One weekly payment
Local delivery



14 Day Plan
Prepared fresh 2x per week
Pay every 2 weeks
Local delivery



30 Day Plan
Prepared fresh 2x per week
One monthly payment
Local delivery


Family Meal Plans

Incredibly delicious meals for the whole squad. No subscriptions. Just results. Pick up in-store and take back the time you use to spend cooking. 
What's on the menu?
FEEDmyFIT is a meal prep service. We don't offer "pick-and-choose" meals like HelloFresh or Dinnerly. All subscribers receive the same collection of meals on a weekly basis and the selection is rotated every week. 

If you'd like the ability to choose which meals you receive, you can request a custom plan by contacting us. We also stock meals in our store that you can drop-in to purchase.
Does it work with __________ diet?
Our standard meal plans can be customized to accommodate the following diets:

• Gluten free
• Fish allergy
• Ketogenic (low-carb)

Most other diets are compatible with our base meal rotation. However, we encourage you to contact us for any specific allergens or dietary restrictions.
What's our delivery process?
Our chefs prepare meals twice per week for all customers (Sunday & Wednesday). Meals are delivered or available for pick-up at the store the day after: Monday and Thursday.

We offer delivery to the majority of the Boise metro area. This includes Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, and parts of Kuna, Star, and Caldwell. If you live outside of this area, you will need to pick up the meals from our store.  We do not currently offer long-distance shipping.
Skip The Store
Meals come fully-prepared so you can save time (and money) at the store. Just microwave and enjoy!
Guaranteed Fresh
Our chefs prepare meals twice a week using fresh, never-frozen food. It's good for your health, guaranteed.

Have a question?
Call us at 208-922-0045.

We'll help you now or as soon as we get your message. FEEDmyFIT nutrition-designed plans features dozens of great tasting recipes, all designed especially to help you kick start your life, lose weight, and get hold of your health, starting today!

Thank yourself later.

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